Our Products

Semi-finished Cocoa Products
These are made from premium Ghana Cocoa Beans. The beans are sorted, roasted, winnowed and milled to produce cocoa liquor. Cocoa liquor is pressed to release the butter and leave a residue of cocoa cake with 10-12% butter. The cocoa cake is kibbled and sold as kibbled cake or milled and sold as cocoa powder.
Ghana's chocolate products comes from the finest cocoa.
  1.    Natural Cocoa Powder
    Natural Cocoa Powder
  2. Our Warehouse in Ghana
    Our Warehouse in Ghana
  3. Charateristics
  4. 25kg/Bag
  5. High Fat Butter
    High Fat Butter
  6. Natural Cocoa Butter
    Natural Cocoa Butter
  7. Organic Chocolate Bars
    Organic Chocolate Bars
  8. Cocoa Liquor
    Cocoa Liquor